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Transsexuality is the human condition by which a person has the conviction to belong to the opposite sex to the opposite sex. Of their birth, seeking to adapt their biological sex to their gender identity, through different medical, psychological and legal procedures, aimed at achieving their true identity.

Transgeneration is the human condition that characterizes By a permanent experience identifying and adopting attitudes and clothes of the opposite gender to the sex with which it was born, independently of a concordance of the sex with a gender identity. [1]

Transvestism is a manifestation of diversity , Characterized by the use of clothing, language, behavioral styles, accessories and mannerisms that in the cultural group of reference of each person consider themselves of the other gender. Crossbreeding, according to Alcaraz, a person can reach transsexuality and for that it proposes an evolution in seven stages, during the last one could happen this change.

The first consists of the simple appeal of some clothing of the opposite sex, and may be considered as occasional fetishism.

In the second stage this garment appeared attractive, having a character More personal, erotic and narcissistic.

During the third stage, the sensual stimulation of transvestism intensifies trying to achieve an integrated image of the opposite sex, even adopting the corresponding gestures. The mirror or camera helps you duplicate the person.

The fifth stage is characterized by the loss of fear of the transvestite to be discovered is presented in an immediate environment (family, friends, partners) with a male and female identity, and may put at risk any of their relationships. >

The changes of generic appearance until then appear sporadically, when circumstances allow, being this the sixth stage, the recognition of this generic ambiguity and convincing of the satisfaction of living according to the adopted gender. >

In the last stage the transgender person concludes definitively changing sex, making changes not only in appearance but also anatomical, undergoing the various treatments for gender-generic agreement, it is at that moment that To be considered a transgender person becoming a transsexual.

[1] Cf. ALCARAZ, Rodolfo and Abril ALCARAZ, The right to non-discrimination for identity and expression , Snail Texts, no. 4, CONAPRED, 2008, p. 12.

[2] BARRIOS MARTINEZ, David and María Antonieta GARCIA RAMOS, Transsexuality: the paradox of change, Ed. Alfil, Mexico, 2008, p. 129.

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