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Mama Knows How to Throw a Party

Mama Knows How to Throw a Party

When my daughter and I started the actual work of planning her Quince, we knew that a great theme would make the planning easier. Initially she did not want to themed event but we had seen how sucessful they could be so we did a lot of brainstorming. Over the months leading up to her 14th birthday we tossed ideas back and forth and finally decided on a Hollywood Red Carpet theme. Then I panicked, how do you do Red Carpet without spending tons of money? When you think about Hollywood and Red Carpet you think of glamor, luxury, and extravagance. Of course by now she was totally excited about the theme. So I did a whole lot of Internet searching on the Golden Age of Hollywood, I looked at old photos just to get some ideas. What kind of venue would Hollywood have? During my Internet research I had seen a lot of references to the old Chinese theater in Hollywood. That was the kind of place I would love to have, something historic and full of character. I remembered that we had a historic Fox Theater that had recently been restored, they had refurbished it but had stuck to the original design and had restored the furniture, lighting and even restored the painted ceiling. They had modernized their technical equipment for sound and video, and reopened the theater on a limited basis to the public. I decided to see if the theater had a website so I could view some pictures and get some ideas. Then I saw it, the link for "Building Rental".

I promptly scheduled the tour and fell in love. The theater was perfect. Building Rental included not only the use of the auditorium but the use of the entire theater. I had use of the main auditorium for the Ceremony and Reception, (they could remove some of the theater seating and place to dance floor) The lighting and sound could be handled by their technicians while allowing our DJ and Videographer to plug into theater quality House Sound.

And it was beautiful, everywhere you looked the theater was beautiful, the wonderful backdrop for photos and video. And because it was a historic theater it required no decoration. My only outside costs for the venue were the rental of a red carpet and the dance floor. It was perfect. And one of the coolest details was that we were going to put whatever we wished on the Marque for the Night of the Event, we also had the use of the poster to create custom posters for the outside of the theater. Now I realize that every city has a historic theater that can be rented, and by having the theater it made my job easier but I will list below some of the little details that can create that Hollywood atmosphere.

Making a Hollywood Entrance

What do you think of Hollywood? I Think of Paparazzi, and Award Shows, and Movie Premiers and Walking the Red Carpet. These are all very easy to do at your event. You can contact almost any party supply to rent a red carpet and velvet ropes to rope it off. Ask for a handful of volunteers to pose the paparazzi and take pictures. With today's technology and digital camera this will cost your guests nothing but to bring their own cameras and flash away. This is also a nice way to get additional candid shots of your event from those individuals who acted the paparazzi. This will be a lot of fun for them and a great way to make them feel included. Also guests will enjoy posing on the red carpet for their own photos throughout the night.

One of the ways to make a real statement is to create original invitations, posters, and programs for your event. Custom work does not need to be expensive, in fact it can save you money. For my daughters Quinceanera I wanted to create an invitation that was in keeping with the theme. I looked online for ticket invitations and found several at party sites, they were relatively inexpensive compared to traditional invitations but they were not very original.

So I did an internet search on ticket printing and found the professional printing service online , I contacted them with my ideas and they had a graphic artist to create a design for me. I gave him a picture of my daughter, a picture of the fox I had taken at night and he created this awesome invitation for me. I only had to pay for his design time which was only two hours. I purchased 900 tickets with envelopes and it cost me less than $ 200. If you are planning an event you know that traditional invitations with envelopes are usually about $ 5 an invitation. You can see the savings. The tickets also served as souvenirs for the guests and for a keepsake of the event.

You can also have custom posters made that you create yourself using photo editing software like Photoshop. Or you can even create posters on the photo of Walgreen's website under photo gifts. These can be simple or complex. My original idea was to recreate teen movie posters using my daughter and her court as the movie cast members. With everything I had to do I never finished that project, but we were fortunate that our photographer created some original movie posters with her as a star using some pictures I had taken her a few months before.

Grab Bags

Red Carpet events often include goodie bags for the guests and presenters. This is a fun way to give thank you gifts to your court. You can create Hollywood themed goodie bags that include a small gift and some memorabilia from the Event. Suggested contents could be Oscar trophies for the court, Bling for the girls like matching necklace and earring sets, movie candy, copies of the program, tickets and VIP passes. I included a Quinceanera soundtrack with music from every year of my daughter's life. Another idea is to give them a photo CD of pictures from the practices and events. You can put almost anything in the goodie bags.

Interviews & amp; Photography

One way to make the guests feel special and have an extra treat for your party girl is to have the guest interviews videographer. This is fun for the guests, and a great surprise for the guest of honor when she receives her video. Friends and family can also make videos and tell stories or just give some well wishes.

However you do, your daughter is sure to feel like a Superstar! Have Fun!

If you would like to see a video of my event click on the video on the video bar.

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